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Magento 2

  • Christopher Shea
  • 11.16.2015
  • Industry News

It was announced today that Magento 2 has been released for general availability.  We are certainly looking forward to continuing our work with Magento 2, and will be following adoption, and future stability releases.

Magento Malware Notification

  • Christopher Shea
  • 10.21.2015
  • Magento Bug Fixes

Yesterday evening Magento sent out a notification regarding the potential risk of being affected by the Guruincsite Malware. Like other Magento solutions providers we are receiving many queries from our clients to assist them in determining if they are affected, or vulnerable. What follows is a simple process to follow to identify/remedy many of the […]

With Skype outage where is voice for Slack?

  • Christopher Shea
  • 09.21.2015
  • Industry News

If you’re like us you rely pretty heavily on Skype for communication with your clients, and team members. With this latest outage I am wondering if/when the voice integration that slack promised will ever be added. I believe it was announced back in January of this year, but the only information currently available is the […]

Googlebot Cannot Access CSS or JS

  • Christopher Shea
  • 08.24.2015
  • Magento SEO

Recently Google Search Console sent email notifications regarding their inability to browse CSS, and JS files. While it is likely that nothing has changed on your site to spur the notification, Google is apparently ramping up their customer awareness efforts after they started rendering the full page back in October.  If you received this message […]

Ebay Enterprise Found Buyer

  • Christopher Shea
  • 07.15.2015
  • Industry News

So Ebay has found a buyer for the Ebay Enterprise division which includes Magento. We are bullish on the future of the Magento product and hope Magento the company finds a financially secure home. What are your thoughts about the future of Magento the company? Some More Details http://techcrunch.com/2015/07/15/ebay-enterprise-taker/ http://venturebeat.com/2015/07/16/ebay-confirms-agreement-to-sell-ebay-enterprise-to-investment-consortium-for-925m/ http://www.ebayenterprise.com/about/company

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