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Email Used More Than Social Media

  • Kezia Frayjo
  • 06.11.2012
  • eCommerce Information

Email vs. Social Media

You hear a lot of buzz about social media. Tales of its growing influence, importance of online communities, and increase of sales by engaging in social media. All this is true and there is research to back those claims. Still we can’t forget about good old fashioned email and its influence in our work, personal lives, and shopping habits.

Ipsos, a private research firm, polled thousands of people and found that 85% of those people use the internet for email. That’s not to say some of those people don’t also use social media, actually 6 in 10 use the internet for social media, but email continues to be king.

Newsletter Campaigns – Magento Integration

The easiest way to use email to your advantage and drive people to your store is by having a newsletter. Magento has a built in newsletter function. There are also robust integrations out there such as Mailchimp or iContact that can easily be added to your store as well. It all depends on what you are looking for.

Relevant Content and Community Building

In my experience the most effective newsletter campaigns are the ones that don’t try to hard sell something. They have valuable content while also giving me a call to action to purchase something if it suits me.

I read a lot of blogs, there are millions out there, but the one that I’m most loyal to is the one that sends me a monthly email with an interesting article. The blog does sell some products but I never feel like the communication is a hard sell (come to my site! buy this!). They just send me interesting information in a not too frequent manner – so I read it. Could I just go to the blog and read the new content there? Sure! But I’m lazy, so getting a newsletter from them keeps me a loyal reader. Which has translated into purchasing the occasional product that is advertised in the newsletter. Bottom line is that their campaigns work because it’s targeted, infrequent, and valuable to me.

Rules of Thumb

There a couple of fluid rules when it comes to email marketing:

  • Avoid Spam – Be careful and measured in your communication with clients. People don’t want to get spammed. They want to receive timely and interesting information about products they have bought before or might be interested in buying.
  • Short and Sweet – Be as brief and as concise as possible.
  • Easy Opt Out – Let people unsubscribe from your newsletter campaigns easily.
  • Coupons – When possible, offer worthwhile coupons that can only be accessed via newsletters. Give people an incentive to sign up.
Interested in Adding a Newsletter Box to Your Store?

Let us know, we can help you out. It’s a pretty simple addition and will set you up to start the email marketing campaign that will boost sales on your site.

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