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Magento 1.13 Performance Improvements

  • Garth Brantley
  • 04.16.2013
  • Events and News

magento imagine stage

We’re super excited about all the performance improvements in Magento EE 1.13, released last week during the Magento Imagine Conference. Developers and merchants have been asking for these degree of performance optimization for some time now, its great to see Ebay Inc has listened and applied their resources to get this done.

Magento Enterprise Edition 1.13 was released last week during Magento’s annual Imagine eCommerce Conference. A number of major performance improvements were announced at the general conference session. We expect many of these performance improvements will also carry over to Community Edition 1.8, which is promised within the next two weeks.

(Re)Indexing Performance

A major effort was undertaken to improve the performance of Magento’s indexing system for general catalog maintenance operations. I know this has been a major sticking point for some of our clients who have large catalogs, even to the point that it prevents some inventory from making it to the website. It should go without saying that this has not been ideal. That’s why its so exciting to see a 53% overall improvement in complete re-indexing. But the news gets much better than that, Magento now has “incremental re-indexing”, which means that doing something like changing the product description for 1 product in a large catalog can be as much as 1000% faster (4 seconds instead of 84 minutes). Sweet!

Page Load Times and Checkout Performance

Page load times were improved in general and the checkout process got a lot of specific attention. Magento are claiming a 65% overall improvement in page load times. They are also claiming a 35% improvement in “Place Order” performance. This is good news!

Read the EE 1.13 Performance Whitepaper

The Bottom Line

Magento Enterprise 1.13 is a vast improvement for sites with large catalogs. In addition page load times, full page cache and transaction performance have all been improved, meaning more page views and more transactions can be support on the same hardware and configuration for everyone!

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