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2015 eCommerce Trends

  • Garth Brantley
  • 01.12.2015
  • eCommerce Information

2015 promises to be a great year for eCommerce. Mobile eCommerce will continue to outgrow other sectors, responsive design will go from highly recommended to absolutely essential. eCommerce sales will continue to grow and brick-and-mortar sales will continue to slow. It’s going to be a great ride, are you ready? Shipwire’s Nate Gilmore was nice […]

Magento Go Shuts Down

  • Aaron Boswell
  • 07.05.2014
  • Industry News

eBay is shutting down the Mageto Go product and eBay ProStores too. They are recommending merchants migrate to Big Commerce. http://techcrunch.com/2014/07/03/ebay-owned-e-commerce-platform-magento-shuts-down-services-aimed-at-smaller-retailers/

Commentary on the rise and fall of YayNay (or How to Make a Beautiful, Functional App and Still Not Succeed)

  • Aaron Boswell
  • 04.18.2014
  • Industry News

Hello, Im Aaron and I am the creative director at Storefront. I also wear several other hats, but thats the one I like most. I will be writing here from time to time to share my thoughts on design trends on the internet, how they change, about apps, and even print (if it strikes my […]

Panda Proof Your Magento Store

  • Marc Mackenzie
  • 04.17.2013
  • eCommerce Information

In February 2011, Google released their Panda algorithm, affecting a whopping 12.5% of all searches, making it one of the biggest changes ever made to their algorithm. Originally called the Farmer update, Panda was designed to go after content farms. Despite not being the target of Panda, many merchants have found themselves on the wrong […]

Magento 1.13 Performance Improvements

  • Garth Brantley
  • 04.16.2013
  • Events and News

We’re super excited about all the performance improvements in Magento EE 1.13, released last week during the Magento Imagine Conference. Developers and merchants have been asking for these degree of performance optimization for some time now, its great to see Ebay Inc has listened and applied their resources to get this done. Magento Enterprise Edition […]

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