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eBay / Magento Now a Reality

  • Garth Brantley
  • 08.18.2011
  • Industry News

Well, eBay’s acquisition of Magento is now complete. What will this mean for the future of the Magento platform? We can only assume good things in the short term as eBay’s deep pockets are used to continue filling in Magento the company. Long term, we are waiting to see how things shape up. StoreFront Consulting […]

Buzz Around Forrester Report on “Agile Commerce”

  • Garth Brantley
  • 03.12.2011
  • Industry News

StoreFront Consulting to Attend Magento Imagine

  • Garth Brantley
  • 01.17.2011
  • StoreFront Events and News

I’m excited to be attending the upcoming Magento Imagine in LA this Febuary.  This will be the inaugural Imagine conference and Magento has lofty goals for the event.  They say: “the event will bring together eCommerce leaders for two days of discussion, learning, networking, inspiration… and of course – imagination!”  Well I’m headed on the […]

Fell’s Point Spin-a-Thon:14 Hours of Biking to Fight Cancer

  • Christopher Shea
  • 10.03.2010
  • StoreFront Events and News

Garth and I turned our road bikes into stationery attention getters and spun for 14 hours at the Fells Point Fun Festival in Baltimore, Maryland this past weekend.  We raised over $1600 for cancer research and education.  We gave out lots of LIVESTRONG bracelets, CDs with uplifting music, and a few t-shirts.  Our efforts were […]

The Minimum Merchants Should Know About PCI Compliance

  • Garth Brantley
  • 09.03.2010
  • eCommerce Information

PCI Compliance is an often misunderstood topic.  This is no surprise considering how complex and nuanced the standard is, the general lack of knowledge (even among those enforcing PCI compliance) and how little clear explanation is available for the topic.  The following is our attempt to clarify this issue. What is PCI Compliance? As an […]

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