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StoreFront Heading to the Superbowl of eCommerce – Magento Imagine 2012

  • Kezia Frayjo
  • 03.09.2012
  • StoreFront Events and News

Magento Imagine Conference 2012


The 2012 Imagine Conference, happening in Las Vegas, Nevada, is only a couple of weeks away (April 23-25, 2012). We are very excited to once again attend what is being called the “superbowl of eCommerce”. The great thing about the Imagine Conference is that you get to meet a lot of people who are all doing different things with Magento – consultants (like us), store owners, developers, service providers, hosting companies, etc. The conference is already sold out which means it will be jam packed.

Techie Talks

The keynotes will be interesting to a point, we are looking forward to hearing what’s new and in the Magento pipeline from the Magento leadership team – Roy Rubin (CEO), Yoav Kutner (CTO), and Bob Schwartz (President).

But the breakout sessions are where we get out “technical groove” on. On the docket are talks on debugging, quality assurance, supercharging Magento Enterprise, and new import modules. All topics that help us and our developers find new and better ways to help our customers.

Company Culture

The talk we are particularly excited about is “Culture as a Competitive Advantage” by Jim FitzGibbon. He’ll talk about how the Four Seasons Hotel became the epitome of hotel luxury by focusing on employee selection, common values, loyal customer base, etc. Whenever you hear “Four Seasons”, in whatever country you are in, you know to expect a high level hotel experience.

Company culture is important for us at StoreFront Consulting. Our team is distributed all over the United States, working remotely from each other. You’d think it would be difficult to build a company culture remotely, but that’s not the case. We use technology to get our work done and also to connect on a personal and social level. For instance, we use company chat rooms to discuss work and and socialize around the “water cooler” – knowledge sharing to the max!

Vegas Here We Come

We plan to get the most out of the Imagine conference and share what we learn with you. We’re looking forward to 3 jam packed days of connecting with the Magento community and learning the latest. If you will be at the Imagine Conference and would like to connect, please let us know, it would be great to meet up with you. Contact Montee Fiely, Director Business Development, to setup a meeting. (Email chris at storefrontconsulting dot com)

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