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Magento Malware Notification

  • Christopher Shea
  • 10.21.2015
  • Magento Bug Fixes

Yesterday evening Magento sent out a notification regarding the potential risk of being affected by the Guruincsite Malware. Like other Magento solutions providers we are receiving many queries from our clients to assist them in determining if they are affected, or vulnerable. What follows is a simple process to follow to identify/remedy many of the […]

Important Magento Security Update (Zend Framework), Action Required

  • Kezia Frayjo
  • 07.06.2012
  • Magento Bug Fixes

Yesterday Magento announced a security patch to cover a vulnerability in the Zend Framework used by Magento. The patch resolves a security issue in the Zend Framework that is affecting many versions of Magento. The vulnerability potentially allows an attacker access to any file on a web server running the affected Magento versions unpatched. Because […]

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