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Top 10 Most Popular Magento Sites

  • Garth Brantley
  • 03.29.2012
  • Industry News

pie chart showing adoption of magento

February eCommerce Survey Results, by Tom Robertshaw

Since November 2010, UK Magento developer Tom Robertshaw has been counting the number of eCommerce sites using popular platforms in the Alexa top 1 million sites. His scripts go through the top 1 million sites and look for signatures of popular eCommerce platforms on the site home page. Though he offers the complete list of sites for sale on his website, Robertshaw has never published the names of top sites, only the platform results, until this week!

Robertshaw’s most recent survey was done in February 2012 and this is the one he pulled the top 10 results from. He has been doing the surveys since November 2010, with one in February 2011, one in October 2011 and this most recent survey.

Top 10 Most Popular Magento Sites Results (and Other eCommerce Platforms)

The top 10 sites for each platform have been published (Magento, Zen Cart, Volusion, Interspire, X Cart, etc). The Magento results are the most interesting to us. Zulily, Harbor Freight and Toms are all included in the top 10. These are all well known US based sites which are often touted in the Magento community. It’s interesting though that 2 of the top 10 sites involve nicotine and marijuana related products, goes to show what products sell well on the internet here in the US.

It’s also interesting that 2 German sites and 1 Japanese site made it to the top 10. It is interesting to see which parts of the world have the most traffic eCommerce traffic.


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