Meet the StoreFront Consulting Team

We are a diverse group of individuals, brought together for one purpose: building successful eCommerce solutions for our clients. We all have unique talents and we enjoy working together to solve problems. We work hard and have fun. We are responsive to our client's needs and meet challenges with innovative solutions.

Garth Brantley - Director Client Services, Founder

Garth has a diverse background in web technologies, IT and software development; including experience working in small and business, professional services and medical imaging.

Today at StoreFront Consulting, Garth brings our customer's visions to reality, designing and building secure, scalable solutions with a focus on performance and utility. Garth is responsible for our strategic vision and ensuring that we have the resources to meet our customer's needs. Garth has been working with the Magento platform since 2008.

When not working, Garth enjoys snow boarding, white water kayaking and training for endurance races. Garth holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Maryland.

Aaron Boswell - Project Manager, Art Director

Aaron bridges the gap between client and developer. He brings a print designer's eye to the web. He created his first website back in 1997. From there, Aaron found that he loved solving the problems that occur when you cross platforms and browsers.

At StoreFront Aaron takes care of most of the front-end design and client interaction. Aaron will ensure the perfect balance of design, marketing and developer know-how gets applied to your project. When not at work, he can be found playing with his family or trying out a new piece of software.

Branden Moskwa - Project Manager

Branden has an extensive background in project management and client relations, having gained business acumen and entrepreneurial knowledge by surrounding himself with world renowned entrepreneurs and business leaders.

At StoreFront Branden brings obsessive focus and relentless determination, coupled with genuine and honest interactions with all those around him. Branden makes it his priority to build positive relationships, a solid team and organizational processes that have a profound impact on all areas of our client services.

When not working, Branden enjoys fishing in the wilds of British Columbia Canada. Branden holds a degree in Small Business Entrepreneurship from Mount Royal University.

Dennis Rogers - Web Developer

Dennis has been a professional web developer since 2005. He has extensive experience working on large and small web applications on the LAMP platform. Dennis has experience in photography and has used Photoshop personally and professionally for nearly a decade. Dennis has been working with Magento since 2009.

At StoreFront Dennis can usually be found building Magento themes, coding up innovative new website features or digging deep into the depths of the Magento code base to extend the system for our clients.

Luke James - Web Developer

Luke James Profile

Born and raised in downtown Vancouver, Luke graduated from the British Colombia Institute of Technology. Luke has been developing web applications for 5 years. In 2009 Luke started working in the Zend framework and later fell in love with the Magento platform.

Living in B.C, Luke has e a passion for the mountains. He spends his free time snowboarding and wake boarding. Luke has a passion for high altitude climbing, and trains regularly at the gym, hoping to someday climb in the Himalayas.

After a near death experience in the mountains, Luke re-discovered his faith. He attends weekley RCIA meetings and likes to contribute towards the goals of the church.

Chris Shea - Director Operations, Founder

Chris Shea Profile

Chris thrives in an ever changing environment that is flexible, and offers many opportunities to learn. He's very energetic, and committed to always improving the simplicity and efficiency of every aspect of his life. At StoreFront Chris keeps us organized and moving forward.

Known by many nicknames Chris is often referred to as "Radar" for acting on your thoughts before they are shared, "Crash" due to the number of vehicles he's destroyed, "Butters" as his last name is Shea. He enjoys most physical activities such as running, cycling, or kayaking, and particularly loves raising money to fight cancer. Recently Chris is a proud new father to his first son Henrik.

John Brantley - CFO, Founder

John Brantley Profile

John brings more than 20 years of financial management and small business experience to the table. Always operating with an entrepreneurial spirit, John has founded and operated numerous successful companies. John has many years of experience in the business software space.

John holds a master's from Johns Hopkins University. When not working, John enjoys golfing and following current events.

Megan Woo - Web Developer

Megan is an experienced front-end web developer who has been producing clean, structured sites for commercial and non-profit clients for over ten years. She specializes in content management systems including CMS Made Simple, Wordpress, and Magento eCommerce. Her skills include usability testing, site architecture, content organization and editing, database integration, site testing and maintenance, and hosting research and set-up. Her focus is on building systems that help clients minimize ongoing maintenance costs, and that are intuitive and easy to use. And her background in website design ensures a strong understanding of user interface requirements. She works in HTML, Javascript, CSS, PHP and MySQL.

Megan is currently a freelance web developer living in Los Angeles, CA. She enjoys the sunshine, tennis and trying new restaurants.