Meet the StoreFront Consulting Team

We are a diverse group of individuals, brought together for one purpose: building successful eCommerce solutions for our clients. We all have unique talents and we enjoy working together to solve problems. We work hard and have fun. We are responsive to our client's needs and meet challenges with innovative solutions.

Garth Brantley - Director Client Services, Founder

Garth has a diverse background in web technologies, IT and software development; including experience working in small and business, professional services and medical imaging.

Today at StoreFront Consulting, Garth brings our customer's visions to reality, designing and building secure, scalable solutions with a focus on performance and utility. Garth is responsible for our strategic vision and ensuring that we have the resources to meet our customer's needs. Garth has been working with the Magento platform since 2008.

When not working, Garth enjoys snow boarding, white water kayaking and training for endurance races. Garth holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Maryland.

Aaron Boswell - Web Designer, Front-end Web Developer

Aaron bridges the gap between client and developer. He brings a print designer's eye to the web. He created his first website back in 1997. From there, Aaron found that he loved solving the problems that occur when you cross platforms and browsers. Aaron has been working with Magento since 2009.

At StoreFront Aaron handles web design, front-end development and account management. Aaron communicates well with clients and helps bring design and coding elements together to achieve our client’s visions.

Dennis Rogers - Full Stack Web Developer

Dennis has been a professional web developer since 2005. He has extensive experience working on large and small web applications on the LAMP platform. Dennis has experience in photography and has used Photoshop personally and professionally for nearly a decade. Dennis has been working with Magento since 2009 and has earned the Magento Certified Developer credential.

At StoreFront, Dennis can usually be found building Magento themes, coding up innovative new website features or digging deep into the depths of the Magento code base to extend the system for our clients. Dennis performs a mix of front-end and back-end development tasks on the Magento platform.

Chris Shea - Account Manager, Sys. Admin, Dev-ops Professional

Chris brings high energy to all of his work. He thrives in a changing environment and is always looking for opportunities to learn and improve. Chris has a diverse background in software testing, IT and business administration. Chris is an experienced Linux systems administrator and has earned the Red Hat RHCSA certification. Chris has been working with Magento since 2009.

Currently at StoreFront Chris balances account management, systems administration, dev-ops and customer support duties. Chris manages most of our client accounts. Chris also manages our client’s production hosting environments and the associated testing and deployment processes.

John Brantley - CFO, Founder

John Brantley Profile

John brings more than 20 years of financial management and small business experience to the table. Always operating with an entrepreneurial spirit, John has founded and operated numerous successful companies. John has many years of experience in the business software space.

John holds a master's from Johns Hopkins University. When not working, John enjoys golfing and following current events.