Google Authorship Extension for Magento
Version: 1.0.1


The StoreFront Google Authorship extension provides an easy way for you to associate Google Authorship tags with your CMS content on a Magento site.

Extension Details

The StoreFront Google Authorship Magento extension allows you to link Magento CMS pages to with Google authorship information by using rel="author" on relevant CMS pages. The author is configurable on page-by-page basis and the extension places an authorship block at the bottom of your CMS page content, as well as placing the tag in your page .

Extension Features

  • Adds rel="author" tag to CMS page content
  • Adds an author block to bottom of CMS pages
  • Adds meta data to HTML page head

User Manual

Download the PDF user manual here

Why Do I Need Google Authorship Tags

Using the rel="author" tag on any content from your company allows anyone to find all your content easily. This helps increase exposure and clearly attribute all your content to your personal and business brand. The author tags are a boon to SEO as well. The term author rank emerged in 2012 and it is widely expected that Google will start using authorship information as a signal for search. Finally the rel="author" tag allows Google to create enhanced search results, include your photo and link to your author profile. This draws attention to your results and helps improve your conversion rate versus other results without authorship information.

Google Authorship

Magento Version Compatibility

Community Edition Enterprise Edition
1.4.x - -