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McArdle’s Florist and Garden Center

Project Details McArdle’s Florist and Garden Center had moved over to Magento a few years ago. Since then, there had been many updates to the platform and they weren’t working with a development firm anymore. Working with Synerge-marketing design and marketing team, we upgraded their Magento installation, adapted the design to be responsive, and modified […]

Royal Heritage Home

Project Details Royal Heritage Home runs a number of sites. All were on an older platform that wasn’t keeping up with what they wanted to be able to do. Choosing Magento Enterprise Edition and the multi-store options that Magento offers has allowed Royal Heritage to bring 3 of their companies under the same admin umbrella. […]


Project Details johnnie-O sells an idea. Sure, they sell shirts and pants and blazers, but they also sell the concept that you don’t have to be a stuffed shirt to wear nice clothes. When we first started working with them, they had been on Magento for a year or so and needed help with a […]

Just Born for Baby

Project Details We have recently taken over the management of Just Born after working with their parent company for a couple of years. We have worked with them so far on updates along with their integration with Hubspot. We will be making all design and development changes here on out.


Project Details PREBOOST is a brochure site that also sells a single product enabled through WooCommerce. Working with Synerge-marketing design and marketing team, we collaborated in all aspects of the project. From initial concepts to code and even a little work on the slogan (it is a product to help men last longer in bed, […]

Robert McClintock, Baltimore Seen, Inc.

Project Details We inherited Robert McClintock from a competing firm who had recently completed the initial site launch. We are providing ongoing support for security/maintenance updates. Recently we have worked on the Better Store Search extension to create more relevant search results.

Manito Linens Inc.

Project Details We have worked with Manito Linens since their first Magento site (four years ago). It would probably be easier to tell you what we haven’t done with them. We have worked on redesigns, upgrades, US to Canada conversions, and fulfillment centers. We have worked with photographers and designers (also sometimes being the designer) […]

Naag Tag Inc.

Project Details Over the course of a year and a half we have re-developed the ability for orders to be modified/reordered and have cleared up database issues that resulted from the first version (which prohibited them from making or reinstalling any backups). We developed customizations specific to their product to make order management more streamlined […]

Cross Country Cafe

Project Details We gained Cross Country Cafe as a referral from our sister company Subscribe Pro. Cross Country Cafe needed a Magento partner that would respond to small and large requests aiding in the continual improvement of the site.

WESTport Corporation

Project Details WESTport has a deceptively complex catalog. To look at it, you might think they only have a few products, certainly less than 100. But in each product is a customized group product that incorporates size, material, style, and a slew of other specific options. We have helped maintain this site for the last […]

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