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Royal Heritage Home

Magento Enterprise Multi-Site

Project Details

Royal Heritage Home runs a number of sites. All were on an older platform that wasn’t keeping up with what they wanted to be able to do. Choosing Magento Enterprise Edition and the multi-store options that Magento offers has allowed Royal Heritage to bring 3 of their companies under the same admin umbrella. Along with customized features in the way their customers navigate and checkout, RHH also has incorporated SOLR to increase the reliability of search results. We also brought over about a half million customers and figured out a way to keep 750,000 coupon codes.


Responsive Design

StoreFront Consulting received design files for the large desktop size. We worked with the designer to create the tablet and mobile sizes as well as all of the animations and CSS effects. One of the main challenges for this site was to create areas for the client to modify their own content without breaking the site. Responsive design should allow for multiple elements to be resized without looking strange to the end-user. RHH has three different properties that all work on the same basic structure with different feels.



  • We migrated 3 sites from a custom solution to Magento Enterprise
  • Handled the migration of half-million customer records
  • Developed a custom coupon code variation extension
  • Integrate with Colinear Response Order Management
  • Implemented a custom product flow to allow Configurable products to work with warehouse.
  • Implemented Bronto into the site for re-marketing, and customized transactional emails.
  • Implemented a completely custom checkout flow
  • Implemented WordPress (fishpig) integration that works in multi-site mode
  • Implemented custom layered navigation and comparison functionality

Continuing work

We continue to work with RHH and have just finished working on a TrustPilot custom integration that allows multiple storefronts to get different emails (currently not offered by TrustPilot’s standard integration).

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