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Sometimes you don’t need all the bells and whistles of a fully functioning Magento site. If all you have are a few simple products and don’t need some of the standard integrations that Magento offers, WooCommerce is a really great option. Here are a few reasons why:


Open Source

It’s open source and the code is free.  When you are considering which application to choose for your new eCommerce site many of your options will be hosted solutions.  This means that someone else decides how the application functions, and which features to make available or take away.  With WooCommerce the growth of the application is up to you.



WooCommerce is basically a WordPress plug-in. If you are familiar with WordPress and how it works, then administering a WooCommerce site will be a snap. Instead of managing your WordPress blog, and a separate application for eCommerce. With WooCommerce it’s all in the same place

Many WordPress themes include WooCommerce design elements and all WooCommerce themes are also WordPress themes


Robust Plug-ins

Only pay for the plug-ins you want. While the base install is free, shipping and payment methods aren’t. Some might say this is a drawback, but say you only want UPS and Only pay for those modules. The testing and configuration is much easier when you aren’t dealing with turning other methods off or catching conflicts.

How StoreFront fits

StoreFront Consulting has had over 15 years (more if you add it up consecutively, but we won’t) of experience with WordPress. We have been working with WooCommerce for a couple of years now and have found it suits a number of our clients well. Get in touch with us and we can let you know if WooCommerce or Magento is right for you.

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